Thursday, October 7, 2010

WW - week 8

Well, this is hard to admit but honesty is the best policy. I gained 2 lbs 1 lb over the last two weeks. I am up to 164 162 (I reweighed right before getting in the shower last night) right now. I'm really sad and upset with myself  but I know that I will get the weight off, eventually.

The last couple of weeks were emotional for me and I am still struggling to get back to a better place. Unfortunately, I am not a person that seizes to eat in the midst of sadness; I do the opposite. I have turned to food for much of my comfort and I am having a hard time stepping away from the kitchen and putting my fork down. I know that this too shall pass but it is frustrating.

Hopefully I will have better news for you all, and myself, next week.

On a side note, I started up a food blog so I would have a separate place to enter my recipes. If you want to see all the fun cooking and baking I do around here, check this out.

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