Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread Fun

Last week I got together with four of my girlfriends and their little ones to decorated gingerbread nativity scenes.

After a stressful few hours of trying to make a template, I decided a simple design for the scene would save my sanity.

So, here's what I came up with! I cut the 3 walls all the same size rectangle and them cut a big rectangle for the roof. I hot glued the walls together and left the roof detached so the kids could decorated the inside.  
I made the manger out of 3 pieces of a graham cracker where one laid flat with a stripe of icing and then the other two pieces made a "V" in the icing. 
Baby Jesus was made of 3 gum drops on a toothpick and then wrapped in fruit roll-up. 
I ran out of gingerbread dough so I made Mary, Joseph, an angel and a star out of sugar cookies.
This was probably only 1/3 the candy and sprinkles that we had!
How can you celebrate Jesus' birthday and not have a cake?!
Let the decorating begin!!!

Rowynn did a little lot more eating than decorating so I "helped" him decorate. By help, I mean that I decorated Rowynn's first gingerbread house!

I love the kids' faces in the next few pictures! It is funny to see how their attention to the camera changed in each shot:

Rowynn's nativity

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