Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Everlasting Rose Bush...

We have two rose bushes that were here when we moved in. They produces pretty, smell good roses but they were both planted right in front of our bedroom window. So, when the wind would blow, the plants would sway, and they would tear up our screens.

To fix the problem Rusty pulled up the rose bushes, dug a hole a few feet away (away from all windows) and threw them in. We didn't know if they would make it or not, but these plants seem to have many lives!

They ended up producing flowers the next summer. Well, last night I was out watering our trees and flowers when I noticed this BEAUTIFUL rose on one of the bushes.

Is it not just absolutely gorgeous?!

The color is just spectacular

And the smell... the smell is absolutely divine. I love the way a non-genetically altered rose smells. Genetically altered roses seem to lose their smell in the process.

And this is the rose bush that has to be immortal. I don't think we could kill this thing even if we tried (and we sort of did once... oops).

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oktoak said...

Stick a trellis behind it so it has something to hold on to. I think that's what you do with roses, but I'm not exactly a master gardener.