Thursday, May 14, 2009

Newborn Abigayl Pictures....

These are the pictures that were taken in the hospital. Abigayl is 3 days old in these photos. I am so happy that we had them done. I just now ordered them from the company that took them. I know next time I will have a better photo session set up for newborn portraits. They did an okay job but I would have loved to have had a few different shots... ones with me in them :)

Blowing bubbles!

She LOVED her daddy... and daddy LOVES her

I can't believe she was so small! It is amazing how quickly they grow.

I absolutely love her feet. Soon, I will have a footprint necklace with her cute tootsies on it!

I didn't realize for a long time that I had her tutu on backwards! whoops.

She only put her thumb in her mouth a couple of times. I'm glad we have a picture with her doing it. I always thought it was so cute. She couldn't figure out how to put just the thumb in... it ended up being the whole hand!
It is crazy that these pictures were taken almost one year ago. I procrastinated buying the pictures because I didn't know if we would need them after she was born. I'm glad they keep them on record for one year though... I am so happy to have them now.
For those of you who would like to have copies, let me know because I bought a CD that has them all on it with the rights to the pictures. I would be happy to make you copies if you just let me know what size and how many.

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The Jewell Family said...

These are such precious pictures.