Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Evening

Last night was a beautiful night here in Oklahoma. I love spring evenings here... the summers are brutal but spring is amazing.

Last night the sun was going down and there was a nice breeze cutting through the warm air. It was perfect for swinging on the front porch and taking nice pictures.

The sun going down behind the clouds made the most beautiful sun rays.

I love the way the clouds look when they look like a storm could be brewing inside them.

Can you see the swan?

Almost 4 years of marriage and many trials in the short time but we are still so in love. I thank the Lord everyday that this is who he placed in my life as my husband.

Even when he makes fun of the color I chose at my last pedicure. He calls me fungus feet now. Can you believe that?!

Just glorious! The beauty that God surrounds us with is amazing. We are so lucky.

These are Abigayl's double knock out roses. Those trees are blooming so nicely. They make me smile every time I see them.
Rusty and I are so lucky to have each other. I appreciate him so much and all he does for this household. He is a hard worker that never complains, he is a provider that does it happily, he loves me even with my yellow toes and he is patient when I am in one of my moods. I am lucky... no, I am so blessed.
God does everything for a reason and I know that Rusty is probably the only person who could support me emotionally the way he does. He never once cast blame... which can be easy to do after the lose of a child. He only loves and supports me. I am so proud to be Mrs. Rusty Stamper.

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