Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Artistic Attempt

In attempt to get the house in order before Abigayl arrives, I have found that I need to redecorate the spare bathroom to make it hers. I received the shower curtain that I really wanted from Pottery Barn Kids as a shower gift but found that I had nothing for wall decor to match the new designs.

I decided that instead of paying close to $80 for a set of three art pieces from PBK, I would make my own. Mind you, I am not artistic in the least. Matter-of-fact, in high school I took "I can't draw but I wish I could". I still can't draw!! But, here are my 3 masterpieces I attempted this afternoon. I have to say I am sort of proud of myself, they don't look too horrific!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

Saturday, the 22nd, was my baby shower. My friends Stacey, Laura and Megan all threw it for me at a golf club near my house. They did a wonderful job setting up, making food and bringing LOTS of desserts! It was really great having friends and family around to celebrate this exciting time.

We played two games, my mother-in-law won the first game. Everyone had a clothes pin and you weren't allowed to say baby, Abigayl, or Abi. Patty was tricky and ended up winning! For the second game, it was shower gift bingo, they were given a blank card that they had to put 16 items they thought I would get. As I opened the gifts, they would mark them off on their bingo cards. Tiffaney and Dana ended up winning that one!! It was a lot of fun and I'm really happy that I have so many friends and family that were able to come support me and this life changing event that is about to take place.

The diaper cake that Laura and Megan made for Abigayl.
The gift table before I tore into it!!

The dessert table.... which I devoured!

Eating a cake dot.... the most fabulous thing I have ever tasted!

My mother-in-law, Patty, my grandma,my husband's aunt Dana and Patty's friend, Sandy.

Chatting with Stacey, Megan and Sheri.
Waiting SO patiently to dig into the gift table!!!

The sweet sheets my baby girl will be sleeping on!

The Coach diaper bag I have always wanted.... yeah!

Laura, Megan and Stacey.... they were such great hostesses and are such great friends.

Just some of the Stamper family women. Grandma, Megan, Sheri, Laura, and Dana. I'm so lucky to have married into such a wonderful family.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Well, yesterday was chock full of excitement! We got up early so we could go to the 7:45 am service at church. We decided that would be wise so I wouldn't over heat in the crowded later services. We decided that Easter Sunday would be the perfect day to join our church. We have been attending there for over a year now, but have not been courageous enough to join.

We then went home and built, cleaned, hung and put away all of Abigayl's loot from the baby shower on Saturday (post coming soon... when I get pictures!).

Rusty had fun building her toys!

And her bouncy seat

I put all of her new bedding on the crib... I love it!!

We then went to Grandma's house for Easter lunch. We enjoyed a little poker, food and desserts!! Plus, we got to see a bunch of family.

Not only was it Easter Sunday, but it was also Patty's birthday. So, we enjoyed a little yummy cake along with all of the other desserts!
It was a fun but very exhausting day.... well, make that weekend!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GRRR.... Why do I even go to Walmart?!

Today I went to Walmart thinking I could get some pictures developed and a pedicure while I was getting an oil change. I arrived at the oil change bay at 1:30 pm and proceeded to get pictures developed. Well, the picture thing probably took 20 minutes. Not bad considering I had to scan all the pictures I wanted copies of. Then, I took my tired feet over to the nail salon for my pedicure. It was SO wonderfully relaxing, I wish I could do it once a week!! I looked up at the clock, it was already 3:00 pm!!

When I went back to automotive to pick up my car... it wasn't ready! So, I watched out the window while the guy was looking under the hood, he seemed very confused. I thought that was not a very promising... so, I asked the cashier to check on the truck. He came in and said "they are working on it", no duh... I can see out the window myself. He then informed me that they were short handed today.

Long story short, I didn't leave walmart until 4:10 pm. I think that has to be a record!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pregnancy is weird!!

This morning I woke up, read some of my awesome book, at some cereal and got ready for church. Needless to say, I felt pretty darn good this morning. Rusty and I proceeded to church, found our spot to sit and listened to the great worship service our church provides. About 5 minutes into worship, I felt hotter than a firecracker. I then started to see spots and feel VERY dizzy. I told Rusty we needed to leave. Once out in the hall I felt as though I would pass out. So, I quickly found a seat and began to feel VERY clammy.

After about 5 minutes of this. An assistant pastor took my pulse, which was high, and told me I may be coming down with the flu. I finally felt well enough to stand up, so Rusty brought my home and immediately stuck a thermometer in my mouth. With a whopping 97.5 temp, I knew I wasn't sick. I then called the doc to find out that it is all normal. She said, being pregnant raised my body temp, which in turn lowered my blood pressure. Hence all the symptoms!

At least if it happens again I will know that I'm not crazy or dieing!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Class

Yesterday, Rusty and I went to the baby class that our Doctor's office provides. I had an idea of what we had in store. But whoa! We were lucky enough to watch 3 different women give birth! (via video, not live-thankfully!!) Though it was a little weird to watch, it was very informative.

At one point, we were going over relaxation techniques. It was quite nice because I got a hip massage and leg massage from my man. I didn't know how tense I was until that moment. Now I would do anything to be able to get a full body massage!! The best part was when the nurse had all the couples get down on all fours and stretch like a cat. It felt great, but it was comical to see all these large prego women along with their macho men down on the floor! (I with I could have snapped a picture!)

We also learned the routine for checking in, when the time comes, and toured the hospital rooms that I will be spending many hours/days in. I was very pleasantly surprised with how nice the rooms are. All around it was a great day of learning, laughing and bonding for the two of us.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pregnancy Pictures

While I was in Alaska, my very talented sister-in-law took some pictures of my ever growing belly. These were just a few of my favorites.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Alaska Vacation

I just got back from, what could be, my last trip to Alaska with out a baby. Though I know that when she arrives she will be an absolute angel and fly quietly!! (I can dream can't I?!) While in the cold, yet melting, state of Alaska I was able to get in plenty of family time. We took in the festivities of Fur Rondy, the celebration leading up to the Iditarod. Also, I was able to see my brother coach the homecoming game of his school. And, my sister-in-law was sweet enough to take some belly pictures for me (we will save that for a different post).

Darrin, his awesome kids and I getting ready for the parade to start.
Mom and I getting to hang out before the parade.

Jaycob and Mom taking in the model train show. Jakey loves trains!

Since I'm pregnant, I had to watch from the side lines of the carnival while mom and Jake rode some fun rides.

One of the many neat snow sculptures they had. Can you tell this one is a dino?!

On a carriage ride through Downtown Anchorage.

These were the beautiful horses that lugged us around.