Friday, March 7, 2008

My Alaska Vacation

I just got back from, what could be, my last trip to Alaska with out a baby. Though I know that when she arrives she will be an absolute angel and fly quietly!! (I can dream can't I?!) While in the cold, yet melting, state of Alaska I was able to get in plenty of family time. We took in the festivities of Fur Rondy, the celebration leading up to the Iditarod. Also, I was able to see my brother coach the homecoming game of his school. And, my sister-in-law was sweet enough to take some belly pictures for me (we will save that for a different post).

Darrin, his awesome kids and I getting ready for the parade to start.
Mom and I getting to hang out before the parade.

Jaycob and Mom taking in the model train show. Jakey loves trains!

Since I'm pregnant, I had to watch from the side lines of the carnival while mom and Jake rode some fun rides.

One of the many neat snow sculptures they had. Can you tell this one is a dino?!

On a carriage ride through Downtown Anchorage.

These were the beautiful horses that lugged us around.

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