Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Balloon Release Pictures

For Abigayl's birthday we had a small BBQ with some friends where we released 130 balloons to represent her 130 days she blessed us on this Earth.

I blogged her birthday celebration here along with the beautiful decorations at her memorial site.

Our friend, Shaun, was wonderful enough to take all the pictures of the balloon release. Prepare for a lot of pictures! He has done a beautiful job and I am so pleased to be able to share them with all of you. What I put in the blog is only a fraction of the pictures he took during the balloon release.

Parker enjoying the yummy cookies that his mom, Katie, and our friend Jill brought over for Abigayl's birthday. They were beautiful butterfly cookies and there were 12 of them. I'm not sure if it was intentional or unintentional, but Rusty pointed out to me that there were 12 cookies, and that there are 12 months in a year, and that Abigayl was 1 year old. I thought that was pretty neat.

Here is Issac enjoying his butterfly cookie.

And here is Kayla.

All 130 balloons... ready to launch.

It was quite windy that day. All of the strings got tangled when we took them out in a bunch like this. So......

We took them back in the garage and untangled all the strings with the help and patients of our lovely friends.

Can you believe how many? They were so beautiful. (ignore the messy garage)

Releasing a few to see which way the wind was blowing and where they would fly to. After the first few were released we decided to move to the back yard for the rest since there are so many trees in the front.

It was beautiful watching them float up to her.

Jill, Kayla, Katie, Chandler, Tom, Parker, Rusty and I all letting our balloons go.
Tom, Parker and Chandler.
I love this shot. Katie releasing balloons.
Chandler turned 1 a week and a half before Abigayl. It was really neat to get to watch him participate and see his reactions. That way, I know how Abigayl is feeling in Heaven watching all her balloons float up to her. Chandler really enjoyed letting his balloons go.
For a lot of these next shots it would probably be better to click on them to enlarge the pictures so you can have the full effect. I think they are magnificent. In some of them you feel like your actually floating in the clouds with them.
I really love this one.
Isn't she so adorable?!
Jill and Parker
I love how much fun the kids had. Kayla even told me this was the best birthday party ever!
(Parker, Kayla, Issac and Chandler)
Even though it was a really hard day, it was nice to be able to celebrate with people we care about and are so grateful to have in our lives. It was nice to be able to smile during such a hard day. We miss Abigayl so much and we love to celebrate her every day. It was fantastic to get to do something special for her and her special day.


Anonymous said...

130 different kinds of beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

The Jewell Family said...

What a neat idea... Thanks for sharing.