Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 of boot camp

I'll see if I can remember back that far. Instead of coming home and posting... I came home and napped! I needed it though... it felt great to get some deep shut eye.

Warm up was REALLY short. We jogged 1/8-1/4 of a mile to the field. We made a large circle and did high knees to the middle then back twice. Butt kickers to the middle and back. 10 Mountain climbers (where your in push up stance and you bring your knees into your chest. Left and right equals 1.) 10 squats. Then we did just a couple really basic stretches.

They split us into 3 groups. Cones with playing cards laying face down were in between the cones. The cones were set up about 30-40 feet in front of us. We ran down and picked up a card and brought it back where we did however many reps the card was worth. (7 clubs would equal 7 reps. Jack,king, and queen equal 10 reps) Then each sign represented a move. We did this until all of the cards were out. Then counted up the cards and the winner got to pick what the losers had to do. We did this for arms, butt and legs.

Losers did: 15 tricep dips on the first, 15 bent over things (read below) and 15 squats. Winners only had to do 10 of the above.

hearts= push ups
clubs= shoulder press (bent over with butt far in air and work the shoulders push up style)
spades= tricep dippers
diamonds= push up with an arm raise (do a push up then lift one arm off the ground and point it to the sky. It works the abs and the arms)

hearts= fire hydrant (down on hands and knees. Lift knee up in the air like a dog peeing. Left+right= 1)
clubs= hip rotators (same as fire hydrant but rotate lifted knee in circle. Left+right= 1)
spades= round house kick (same as fire hydrant except when you lift the leg you kick it out to the side. Left+right=1)
diamonds= bend over with one foot behind you and reach down with opposite hand to touch the toe. Left + right= 1 (I don't know what it is called?!)

hearts= squats
clubs= front lunge
spades= back lunge
diamonds= squat with a front kick (left kick+ right kick= 1)

After that we stretched a couple of times and that was it. No abs today which bummed me out a little.

I hope your workout is going well. I'd love to hear all about it.


Jamie Jo said...

My work out consists of eating donuts today. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl....I am SO sore! The measurements got me really bummed at first. I need to lose 85 lbs! I've been doing everything but the sprints because I've substituted those for 2.5 miles of walking/jogging 5 days a week. My whole body feels like I've been ran over by a truck! lol!