Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4 Years...

Four years ago today Rusty and I were married at the Victoria Inn Bed and Breakfast in Laffitte, Louisiana (about 20 minutes from New Orleans).

On that day, the only stress I had was the huge storm that had blown in! There were no life losses and roller coaster rides that I had to deal with. Just the pure bliss of knowing I was becoming Mrs. Stamper! Thankfully, that storm blew through and we were still able to wed outside surrounded by the beautiful gardens.

In our four years, we have definitely been on a roller coaster. Marriage isn't always easy but if you make the choice to choose love and happiness and work through the hard times... the end result is pure love and admiration for one another.

I love my husband so much. I am thankful every day that God put him in my life as my husband. I am the lucky one.

ready to go!

handsome groom!

making my way to the man of my dreams

Mr. and Mrs. Stamper
strike a pose

There was a pesky fly....

That continuously landed on Rusty's face.....

It just couldn't take the hint that we were busy!! But, it was pretty darn funny.

Rusty surprised me by giving me a wedding band. We had planned on using my ring as the engagement and wedding ring since it had so many diamonds. But, when he slipped the ring on my finger it was a beautiful diamond wedding band!!! It was pretty great.

The food was AMAZING!! I would go do it all over again for the food....

and the cake! The cake was out of this world delicious.

So in love (and still are... maybe even more now!)

I am so proud to be Mrs. Rusty Stamper.
Rusty has made my dreams come true. He has given me his love and patients and one of the best things he has given me is my beautiful daughter. I am looking forward to many more years and children with him.
I love you honey. You are my everything and I am so thankful that you are my soul mate.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Raychel! May God bless you with many more years together! Congratulations to you & Rusty!