Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boot Camp...

Tuesday was an ab day at boot camp. Here was the drill.

Warm up with high knees, butt kickers and jumping jacks.

There were stations set up that went like this:
1. superman (on tummy like flying)
2. jump rope
3. boat (on back hands and feet off the ground at a 45 degree angle)
4. jump rope
5. swimmers (just like super man except now you kick your legs and move your arms like your swimming)
6. jump rope
7. lay on back and bring knees to chest then straight out about 6 inches of the ground
8. jump rope
9. right side plank
10. jump rope
11. left side plank
12. on hands and knees, lift right arm and left leg straight out in front then switch
13. standing, lift right knee to left elbow then switch
14. stand with feet shoulder width apart then bend at waist and put hands on floor. Walk hands out until you can go into push up form. Walk hands back then stand up straight again.
15. crunches
16. reverse crunches (lay on tummy hands behind head and lift)

We did it one time for 1 minute per station then when through a second time 30 seconds per station.

Today was a cardio day!

We ran a lot but in between running we did 30 lunges, 10 wide arm push ups, 4 count crunches (go up in stages 1,2,3,4. When you hit four it should be as high up as you can get in your crunch), 30 knee to chest, 1 minute plank. We repeated all of this twice.

Basically it was a lot of running with a little muscle work during our "break".

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