Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready for the arms to hurt!

Today we did an all arm workout. Grab some bands and do:

2 sets of 20:
bicep curls
standing rows (bent at waist and squeeze shoulder blades together)
arms straight out to the side
tricep extensions
shoulder press

In between each moves (i.e bicep curls and standing rows) do some sort of cardio (high knees, butt kickers, run in place, etc.).

Then do 2 sets of 10 for all of the above.

When I got home I added in 2 sets of 20 push ups and shoulder push ups (bent at waist with hands on floor and go down like a push up but your booty is sticking up in the air).

Yeah for sore arms... but maybe they will be toned some day soon!

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