Friday, July 31, 2009

Homer and the Time Bandit

To see a different part of Alaska that I had never been to, my mom and brother decided Homer would be a great place to take me. On a Thursday morning we loaded up Darrin and Rachelle's RV with tons of food and headed down to Homer.

Mom got us a camp site on the Homer Spit (a piece of land that juts out into the ocean and has ocean waters on both sides) and that was right on the beach. When we first got there we all headed down to the beach to go explore. As my nephew Jake would put it, we went on an adventure.
Out on the beach
Josh is all ready for some ocean stomping

Daddy with his boys (Darrin, Jaycob and Josh)

My mom joined the group and so did Jordan

My first time on a beach with mountains and a glacier! Isn't it beautiful?

Darrin brought out the kite but it wasn't the best flying conditions. The kids had fun trying to catch it though!
After some time on the beach, the decision was made to move camp sites so the adults wouldn't have to worry about the kids near the water. Once camp was moved, mom and I decided to take a walk down the Homer Spit. There were tons of shops and restaurants that we scoped out and I was excited to explore them the next day. We also went around asking for prices on a wildlife tour. Once we found a good one mom booked it so we would have something to occupy our time the next day.
While walking I spotted the Time Bandit store (Deadliest Catch) and mom noticed a line outside of the store. After looking a little harder I noticed that the captain (Jonathan) was outside autographing merchandise. I was super excited but didn't have money or a camera. So, off to camp we went where I told Rachelle about our sighting. She was super excited to!! Darrin, Rachelle and I headed back to town with money and cameras in tow.
When we got there the store looked closed but the door was slightly ajar. Rachelle pushed the door open and walked in (which I thought was quite brave and later she told me there was an "open" sign written on paper taped to the door) they went ahead and let us buy some stuff and Capt. Jonathan was wonderful enough to sign all of our stuff then even offered to take pictures with us!!
Here I am with Capt. Jonathan! Can you believe it is after 9pm and it is that light out?!

Then he moved us in front of a crab pot for a better picture... he was a really nice guy. And, he smelled really good!
On our way back to camp this little otter was swimming in the marina.
The next day we headed to town for lunch and a cruise. We ate lunch at Captain Patties Fish House where I had the BEST seafood I have EVER ate in my entire life. I had the grilled seafood plate, it came with halibut, salmon, scallops and prawns. I don't think I have ever eaten seafood that fresh and that perfectly prepared. Next time I am in Alaska summer or winter, I will drive down to Captain Patties for some lunch or dinner! Mom had the steamed clams (delicious) and Darrin and Rachelle had the appetizer platter (calamari, mozzarella sticks, clam strips and I think something else that isn't coming to me) along with a bowl of clam chowder each (they both really like it).
We spotted this eagle on our walk to lunch.
After lunch we headed out to our cruise place. In front of our charter shop were these halibut that some lucky people just had caught on a fishing charter.

My wonderful family ready to cruise the Alaska seas! Not really, we mainly stayed in the calm waters close to Homer.

Gull Island... I wonder why it is named that?!

A baby gull!

For the first time in my life I was able to see puffins! I love them... they are so cute!

This picture is better when you click on it (I think most of them are better when they are bigger) but then you can really see the puffins at the top of the picture near the grass. They make their nests in the dirt under the grass.

A sleeping sea otter. He didn't wake up for a while but when he did he rubbed his face and squished his cheeks. It was the cutest thing.

Now he is awake!
A big, fat sea lion hanging out on the rocks.

A mommy and a baby otter
Here is Jake driving the boat with his grandma by his side. Jordy got a turn as well.

Josh and I

Making our way back to camp. We decided to take a tourist picture under the homer sign... actually, that is a really big halibut I caught ;)

After our cruise we headed back to camp so the kids could have some quiet time. Mom and I took another walk down the spit for some exercise. When we got back Darrin cooked up a yummy dinner and then we took the kids down to the beach. Jake found this starfish coming in with the waves. The starfish was still alive but the kids were able to touch it and hold it.

I think they liked getting to see something like that up close.
Our ride back was an interesting one. We were stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours! We only moved about 3-4 miles in that time. Thankfully though, being in an RV there is food, drinks and a bathroom at hand. It was a great trip and I had so much fun getting to see a different part of Alaska.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enjoying the weather....

I have been away from home for only a few days now but I am already missing my husband so much. I really wish he would have been able to make the trip with me. In four days I have stayed in Washington with my friend and now am hanging out in Alaska with my family. I'm happy to enjoy some wonderful, cool weather instead of being in the sweltering heat of Oklahoma. And, it is great to see my friends and family.

Yesterday I walked 4 miles along the coastal trail. It was so beautiful. The trail runs along the inlet and in to down town. Unfortunately, we didn't see any wildlife but we did get some sun along with our exercise.

As for today, my nausea has gotten the best of me. I am currently hanging out around the house trying to get it under control. I guess I need to do a better job of staying fed. Oops.

Hopefully I will bounce back by this evening so I can go hang out with my family.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


It is amazing how weird and different pregnancy can be. With Abigayl I was constantly sick and nauseated and I didn't feel very irritable and with this one (so far) my sickness is a lot more mild (thankfully) but my emotions and irritability are so heightened.

I cry constantly. While watching a commercial or a show. I miss Abigayl like I just lost her yesterday. My heart aches with the loss I have gone through and it is difficult to deal with these feelings all over again. I stare at her pictures and her clothes and I long to hold her. I wish that I could just kiss her and lover her and make her be here with me. I know that these are selfish feelings because where she is right now is far better than this place here but I can't help it, I am her mother and I lover her so much.

I just wish I could have had more time with her. But, when would I have wanted to give her up? No matter how much time it would have never been enough. It just feels so unnatural for my child to go before me.

I know that my pregnancy hormones are very much so contributing to my hurt but it is difficult either way.

On a funny note, the only thing I wanted this morning were deviled eggs. So, at 9am I made some and ate all 6 of them (6 halves.. not 6 eggs!). They were yummy. Though, I prefer regular yellow mustard and all I had on hand was Dijon... maybe next time I can do it right!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Weekend....

It is Rusty's family tradition to head to the lake for all three of the holidays in summer. As is normal, we headed to Grand to hang out with his very LARGE extended family. The weekend was full of fishing, swimming, boating, jet skiing, eating (my favorite!) and of course some fireworks. Though we had a good weekend, it was bittersweet for us both. Last year we had our baby girl with us and she kept us and everyone else entertained. This year was quite lonely for me. In all honesty, it's moments like that where I find how much I have truly changed. I am a lot more detached from everything and I used to not be that way. I find it hard to socialize when I'm feeling a little down or when I have a lot on my mind. I did the best I could and I had a very supportive, loving husband there to reassure me.

As for Rusty, I don't think there was one night that Rusty slept in the bed... he spent his nights fishing and part of the day sleeping. He did catch a few crappie, a couple of cat fish and some sand bass. The only fish we brought home were the crappie because those are his favorite lake fish (maybe he will eat them while I am out of town... I don't feel it would be safe/healthy to eat fish from Grand Lake). The first evening we were there I caught my first cat fish!! I have been out fishing in the boat but I have never used a bobber. It was okay but I don't have the patients to sit and stare at a plastic ball waiting for it to go under water. Plus, I felt bad that I just wanted to talk the whole time I was down there... I don't think that is what a man has in mind when he goes fishing! I prefer to sit on my life jacket and float while talking with the girls!

Here is a good fish story though, I wasn't there but I heard it from the three men that were!

Rusty's brother, Wayne, Wayne's brother-in-law, Ronnie, and Rusty all went fishing one night. Wayne wasn't having much luck so he decided to rest his eyes for a minute (while he had a line in the water). All of a sudden he felt his pole moving and Rusty heard the pole hitting the boat and there went Wayne's pole right into the water. Lucky for Wayne, he had a lighted bobber on his line and Rusty was able to see a faint red glow in the water. Rusty threw his line in trying to catch Wayne's... it took a few tries and a lure change but then... Rusty caught the line and started reeling it in. I don't know what order it all came in but, he ended up getting the pole, the line, the bobber AND THE FISH!! It wasn't a very big fish and it wasn't a keeper but the great part is, they were able to get Wayne's pole back.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love family...

I love it when I have opportunities to see my family. I was very excited yesterday to get to spend some time visiting with my cousin, Mike, his wife, Amber, and their wonderful, sweet son, Trevor.

It has been 5 years since I have seen them and it is amazing how neither one of my cousins seem to look any older! I don't know what is in the California water but it makes me want to move back! When I lived in California and was attending Sonoma State, I spent my spring breaks at their house in New Mexico. I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with them and Trevor. Trevor isn't the cute little boy I used to play with, he is now this very handsome (I bet he breaks a lot of hearts!) boy (just not as little any more!).

Mike and Trevor

Amber (isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!)

I am so glad they were out this way. I love them so much.

It was nice getting to introduce Rusty to more of my family. We spend so much time with his extended family and it is always nice when we get an opportunity to spend time with mine.
I really wish my mirror would have reflected what these pictures do! I wouldn't have worn the dress. Or is it that the camera adds 10lb.?! Oh my, I really hope that it's the camera... I can't help it I haven't been able to work out, I've feel sick all the time. Oh well...