Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Weekend....

It is Rusty's family tradition to head to the lake for all three of the holidays in summer. As is normal, we headed to Grand to hang out with his very LARGE extended family. The weekend was full of fishing, swimming, boating, jet skiing, eating (my favorite!) and of course some fireworks. Though we had a good weekend, it was bittersweet for us both. Last year we had our baby girl with us and she kept us and everyone else entertained. This year was quite lonely for me. In all honesty, it's moments like that where I find how much I have truly changed. I am a lot more detached from everything and I used to not be that way. I find it hard to socialize when I'm feeling a little down or when I have a lot on my mind. I did the best I could and I had a very supportive, loving husband there to reassure me.

As for Rusty, I don't think there was one night that Rusty slept in the bed... he spent his nights fishing and part of the day sleeping. He did catch a few crappie, a couple of cat fish and some sand bass. The only fish we brought home were the crappie because those are his favorite lake fish (maybe he will eat them while I am out of town... I don't feel it would be safe/healthy to eat fish from Grand Lake). The first evening we were there I caught my first cat fish!! I have been out fishing in the boat but I have never used a bobber. It was okay but I don't have the patients to sit and stare at a plastic ball waiting for it to go under water. Plus, I felt bad that I just wanted to talk the whole time I was down there... I don't think that is what a man has in mind when he goes fishing! I prefer to sit on my life jacket and float while talking with the girls!

Here is a good fish story though, I wasn't there but I heard it from the three men that were!

Rusty's brother, Wayne, Wayne's brother-in-law, Ronnie, and Rusty all went fishing one night. Wayne wasn't having much luck so he decided to rest his eyes for a minute (while he had a line in the water). All of a sudden he felt his pole moving and Rusty heard the pole hitting the boat and there went Wayne's pole right into the water. Lucky for Wayne, he had a lighted bobber on his line and Rusty was able to see a faint red glow in the water. Rusty threw his line in trying to catch Wayne's... it took a few tries and a lure change but then... Rusty caught the line and started reeling it in. I don't know what order it all came in but, he ended up getting the pole, the line, the bobber AND THE FISH!! It wasn't a very big fish and it wasn't a keeper but the great part is, they were able to get Wayne's pole back.

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Katie Smith said...

Wish we could have some! Shaun wanted to, but then he remembered he had to work. :(