Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung

 Spring is upon us and now is the time to enjoy the outdoors, before it gets too hot and sticky.
 One of my favorite views is from my back porch. The sunset is absolutely glorious.
 It's the time of year to head out doors and lie out on a blanket and enjoy the birds singing
 It is also the time for Popsicles! 
 Since they are always a mess, it is nice to be able to strip off Rowynn's shirt and let him go to town!

 It is also the time of year when the bunnies are busy and the birds are too! Here is a nest in the most bizarre place.
 It belongs to this bird, who was trying to make me think she had a broken wing, while I took pictures of her nest...
 in the middle of my driveway!!
They are beautiful eggs though. I'm just hoping all goes well with the nest and the babies once they hatch.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Rowynn received some paints for his birthday and he loves playing with them.
 Sometimes it's more mess than I'm really wanting to deal with, but he enjoys making the mess!

 Rowynn at he two year check-up
Two year?! What happened?

Rowynn talks constantly, though he tends to clam up around strangers. He is selectively shy and so darn cute. I would love to run through all of his words but there are just so many! 

He loves to run, slide, swing and play on his power wheel tractor and 4-wheeler. He loves art and books and puzzles. He is so sweet to his little brother and LOVES going in to get him up from naps. Brennyn cannot go to sleep without a kiss from Rowynn! 

His favorite show is definitely Calliou. It gets kind of annoying. There are not many Calliou episodes and the older episodes are off limits since they made him so whiny and disobedient. 

Rowynn is a total junk food lover. Though, what human being isn't drawn to junk?! He LOVES fruit though so I'm pretty happy about that. We had corned beef for St. Patrick's Day and he ate a ton of that. You never know what this kid is going to like. It took me 20 times of offering him mac and cheese before he even tried a bite. I think he liked it. 

It is so fun watching Rowynn grow and learn. He gets more and more fun each day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mouth Full

Brennyn has not been his normal happy, sweet self the past few days. No, he isn't sick. He is sprouting three new teeth!

That makes the new total: 7

I think he sprouted his first two (the bottom) in January and the top two in February. Now there are three more! Crazy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Oh, my little giant baby. I can't even fathom that he is going to be nine months on the 28th. Where in the world does the time go?!
 Here we are at Rowynn's TWO YEAR well child. Crazy! Brennyn was 23 lbs in this picture, I can almost guarantee that he's probably 25 lbs now. Big chunk! This kid fits in some of Rowynn's 18 month jeans! For the most part though, he tends to wear 12 month stuff.
 He has to be one of the happiest babies I have ever seen...
 he rarely stops smiling. Even when he was sick, he smiled right through it.
 Brennyn used to be bounce crazy! He loved this thing.
Now that he has the army crawl down pretty good, he usually doesn't want to be in the jump.

Brennyn is sporting four pearly whites right now and it is so cute! They are also some very sharp teeth. Don't ever let that kid bite your finger.

Like I said, he army crawls all over the house. I think it is how he tries to keep up with us always changing rooms. Rusty said that he's probably going to suffer from abandonment issues since we are always plopping him down in one room and playing for a nano second before we up and ditch him to play in a different room. Poor kid. It must be the pits to be the youngest.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Night With Ronnie Dunn

Rusty and I were lucky enough to get tickets (thanks to my in-laws) to see Ronnie Dunn. I must say, for an old guy, he's pretty good looking! I told Rusty that he is my "old man crush". It was a great show and he seems to have a wonderful personality and pretty down to earth.

Even better, there isn't a bad seat in the house when you see concerts at The Joint in the Hard Rock Casino here in Tulsa. It is actually my venue of choice.

Besides seeing Ronnie Dunn, we also went to the Jeff Dunham show a few weeks ago. I hadn't ever heard of him before, but his show was really good! So, if Ronnie Dunn or Jeff Dunham are in your area, GO!!

Brotherly Love

 Brennyn and Rowynn are to a point where they crack each other up and don't like when the other takes a toy.
 One thing is for sure, you can tell they love each other.

 Here is a great example, Rowynn is playing with trains...
 Brennyn thinks that looks like fun...
Rowynn doesn't want to share!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank You!

Leslie, Ivan and Kaitlyn... thank you! Rowynn loves all of it. He plays with the puzzles ALL the time. He needs a lot of help but he still tries. As for the backpack, he loves carrying it around.

Family Fun

 There was an unseasonably nice day that Rusty, the kids and I were all able to spend some time at the zoo! Since I had the help from daddy, Rowynn was finally able to ride the carousel. Now, Rowynn wants to ride the carousel every time we are at the zoo! He doesn't quite understand that I can't just leave Brennyn sitting in the stroller by himself.
 He was a little unsure at first, but he ended up loving it and wanting more!

 On a separate occasion, we had a family outing to the aquarium. Rowynn's favorite movie is 'Finding Nemo' so it was a pretty big hit!
 He really liked the touch tanks. Though, oddly enough they have a large pool of clown fish (Nemo) at kid level that kids can't put their hands in. It didn't make much sense, but who am I to tell an aquarium how to set up their tanks?!

 Such a proud daddy!
 That is one big, ugly eel!
 I think jellyfish are absolutely beautiful creatures. Amazing.

 This is where the aquarium likes to rip off their customers. Here, for two dollars, you can feed the turtles five little carrot shavings on a stick. It was priceless since Rowynn enjoyed it, but it was still a rip off!

 Do you see the giant turtle that Rowynn is looking at?!
 I sure love these two boys of mine.
 Even Brennyn was able to get out of the stroller to see the fish.

 Couldn't decide on my favorite, so I went for both. Eventually I'm going to publish my blog into hard bound books that I can have at the house. So, this is place is sort of serving as a photo album of sorts!

 Watch out Rowynn, it's going to get you!
 Get your hand out of there!!
 Nom, nom, nom..
What? It wasn't me!