Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Rowynn received some paints for his birthday and he loves playing with them.
 Sometimes it's more mess than I'm really wanting to deal with, but he enjoys making the mess!

 Rowynn at he two year check-up
Two year?! What happened?

Rowynn talks constantly, though he tends to clam up around strangers. He is selectively shy and so darn cute. I would love to run through all of his words but there are just so many! 

He loves to run, slide, swing and play on his power wheel tractor and 4-wheeler. He loves art and books and puzzles. He is so sweet to his little brother and LOVES going in to get him up from naps. Brennyn cannot go to sleep without a kiss from Rowynn! 

His favorite show is definitely Calliou. It gets kind of annoying. There are not many Calliou episodes and the older episodes are off limits since they made him so whiny and disobedient. 

Rowynn is a total junk food lover. Though, what human being isn't drawn to junk?! He LOVES fruit though so I'm pretty happy about that. We had corned beef for St. Patrick's Day and he ate a ton of that. You never know what this kid is going to like. It took me 20 times of offering him mac and cheese before he even tried a bite. I think he liked it. 

It is so fun watching Rowynn grow and learn. He gets more and more fun each day!

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