Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Fun

 There was an unseasonably nice day that Rusty, the kids and I were all able to spend some time at the zoo! Since I had the help from daddy, Rowynn was finally able to ride the carousel. Now, Rowynn wants to ride the carousel every time we are at the zoo! He doesn't quite understand that I can't just leave Brennyn sitting in the stroller by himself.
 He was a little unsure at first, but he ended up loving it and wanting more!

 On a separate occasion, we had a family outing to the aquarium. Rowynn's favorite movie is 'Finding Nemo' so it was a pretty big hit!
 He really liked the touch tanks. Though, oddly enough they have a large pool of clown fish (Nemo) at kid level that kids can't put their hands in. It didn't make much sense, but who am I to tell an aquarium how to set up their tanks?!

 Such a proud daddy!
 That is one big, ugly eel!
 I think jellyfish are absolutely beautiful creatures. Amazing.

 This is where the aquarium likes to rip off their customers. Here, for two dollars, you can feed the turtles five little carrot shavings on a stick. It was priceless since Rowynn enjoyed it, but it was still a rip off!

 Do you see the giant turtle that Rowynn is looking at?!
 I sure love these two boys of mine.
 Even Brennyn was able to get out of the stroller to see the fish.

 Couldn't decide on my favorite, so I went for both. Eventually I'm going to publish my blog into hard bound books that I can have at the house. So, this is place is sort of serving as a photo album of sorts!

 Watch out Rowynn, it's going to get you!
 Get your hand out of there!!
 Nom, nom, nom..
What? It wasn't me!

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