Thursday, July 12, 2012


Here's what happened when I tried a new hair trick off of Pinterest, sometimes they go great, sometimes they go like this:
Innocent enough, right? I know, I know... I look pretty weird. My husband got a good laugh last night when I put the paper towels in my hair.
After taking them out. This picture doesn't quite show how CRAZY may hair turned out!
That's better. Good thing all I have to do is wet it to make it go away, this is too much hair to handle!
I wish you could feel it! It is CRAZY how thick it is.
 Well, I guess I'm just not meant to have pretty, easy curls in my hair! I've tried the sock bun, FAIL, and now this paper towel trick, FAIL!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Brennyn Is ONE!

Brennyn tuned one on June 28!! This year, grandma Diana was able to fly in for a birthday and I think we all really enjoyed her visit.

Since Brennyn's birthday was the weekend before 4th of July, we decided to have his party on his actual birthday, which was on a Thursday. It was small, but it was comfortable and laid back.
We decided on a sock monkey theme since he rocked a sock monkey hat during his newborn session AND I tend to call him my chunky monkey.
Thanks to Sam's, we had delicious cupcakes and I was able to keep with the theme with the cupcake toppers I bought off of Etsy :-)

Here is the birthday boy, hanging out with his cousins!


Nothing like having a big brother to help blow out the candles!
Nom, nom, nom...

Thanks to my friend Katie, Brennyn got to have TWO cupcakes, because red frosting makes for better pictures!
Needed a little milk to wash all that sugar down

That was awesome!!
Time for clean up
Thanks auntie Katie for my sink bath!! (Mommy loved learning this new trick, there have been a few sink baths since his birthday)

Check out that mohawk....