Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My crazy bruise...

Due to my history with ectopic pregnancy, my doctor likes to keep up with my hcg levels by having me have my blood drawn nearly every other day.

Last Wednesday (the day before my ultrasound), I went in to get my blood drawn again. Mind you, I have very tricky veins. They do not easily give up the blood they are carrying. With this in mind, I pointed out to the girl where they had luck in the last few days but she said she felt a good vein in my bicep. That was a first. Not really in the "middle" of my bicep but closer to my bicep then what I am use to.

As she pulled the needle out, she said, "oh, that is going to bruise", I didn't see anything so I thought it would be a small one (I've had a few of those!). Oh no, it is big and VERY colorful! Thankfully the stick didn't hurt and the bruise doesn't hurt. But I wonder what people think when I'm out with Rusty.

I spoke with my doctor's nurse and I go back in on Tuesday!! I really hope and pray that we see and hear a little strong heartbeat!

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Jamie Jo said...

Wow! That is crazy.