Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today was similar to June 10th work out except it included arms, legs, abs and cardio.

Once again there were stations set up and we were at each station for 1 minute. Once we went through each station once, we went through again this time for 30 seconds per station.

The stations looked like this:

1. superman
2. jump rope
3. boat
4. jump rope
5. aquaman
6. mountain climbers
7. right plank
8. squat/jump
9. left plank
10. jump rope
11. deep squat
12. plies squat
13. lunges
14. push ups
15. t-push up (push up then go into side plank; switch off sides)
16. tricep dippers
17. fire hydrant (hands and knees; lift leg like peeing)
18. fire hydrant kicks (hands and knees; lift leg and keep lifted while you kick out 10x per side then do it again)
19. butt burners (hands and knees; lift bent leg off ground and pulse behind you)

Make sure you warm up and stretch before and after the work out!

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