Thursday, June 18, 2009

You ready for sore legs?!

Today there were 7 cones set up. There were 4 in a square (about 15-20 feet apart) and the other 3 were in the center of the square.

We did each cone/station for one minute, 2 times through the stations.
1. frog jump (squat, touch the ground and jump forward then turn around)
2. side frog jump (squat, touch the ground, jump to the side) each direction
3. frog jump
4. side frog jump
(on 1-4 we did each movement to the cone in front of us then turned around and came back to our start cone. We repeated this for the full 1 minute.)
5 and 6 were led by 7 (the resting cone/station). Things we did in 5 and 6 were: jumping jacks, left and right shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, mountain climbers, etc. (basically anything cardio!).

After that we worked some abs: 20 crunches w/ knees in the air, 10 full sit-ups, 45 second flutter kicks (shoulders and feet off the ground and kick legs), 20 toe touches (legs straight in air and crunch up to touch toes).

I hear tomorrow we are doing A LOT of running! woo hoo.

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