Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 of Boot Camp

Thankfully they didn't punish me for skipping out on Wednesday! Today was rigorous though. Starting with warm up: once again 3 trainers spread out 15 feet or so.
-squat 10 times
-butt kickers to next person
-10 pulsers (in squat form then pulse 1,2,3=1; 1,2,3=2 etc.)
-froggy to next person (squat down and touch the ground then explode up)
-10 calf raises with arm circles
-lunge back to next girl
-10 pulsers
-jog to next person (up a hill!)
-squat 10 times

We jogged over to a field where cones were set up (5 cones) and did some stretches. Then they split us up into 3 groups and in front of each group were 5 cones spaced out ~10 feet apart in a straight line.

We started at home (1st cone) sprint to 2, do a squat then sprint back to home and do a squat. Sprint to 3, do a squat then sprint back to home and do a squat. Sprint to 4, do a squat then sprint back to home and do a squat. Sprint to 5 then jog ~ 1/4 mi. circle to return back to the cones.

Now, repeat that!

Next, same lines. Have two cones resting in front. Pick up a cone and sprint ~15 feet and drop it. Sprint back and get the second cone. Sprint out and drop it next to the other cone. Sprint back. The next person sprinted out and picked up the cone and brought it back. Then sprinted out and retrieved the other cone and came back. (while waiting for others in your line we constantly moved; calf raises, high knees, side to side, etc.)

Next they moved out ~30 feet and we repeated that. Then they moved out ~45 feet and repeated the relay.

Abs are up next. We did 10, 3 count crunches. Up 1,2,3=1; 1,2,3=2; just like pulers but with abs. Next we did 10 full sit ups. Next, 10 toe touches (legs at 90 degree angle then reach up to touch the toes). 10 bicycles (instead of making your legs do circles, push one leg out parallel with the ground and pull the opposite knee in. Touch opposite elbow with opposite knee.) Last, were kickers. I put my hands under my butt, lift the legs 3-6 in off the ground and kick 20 times.

We ended with some stretches.

Have a good work out!! I hope this all helps.

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