Friday, June 12, 2009

Game Day

I love Friday at boot camp. It is what they call "game day" and I really enjoy the games we play. Today, we played a game similar to last Friday except we played poker with the cards. There were 5 stations set up with 6-7 cards at each station. The stations were spaced out 30-40 feet from each other and the point was to jog to each station and pick the card that you though would give your group the best hand.

Unlike before, this time regardless of the number on the card you did 10 reps and if it required one limb at a time you did 10 per side.

First up, butt:

hearts= hydrant kicks (on hands and knees, leg up like peeing on a hydrant and kick out)
diamonds= cross over lunges (cross right leg in front of left and lower or vice versa)
spades= butt burner (on hands and knees, lift bent leg in air behind you)
clubs= squat back kick

Second, arms:

hearts= wide push ups
diamonds= shoulder press push ups (my personal fav!)
spades= close body push up (hands/arms are against body)
clubs= tricep dips

Last, legs:

hearts= squat and jump
diamonds= jump lunges (lunge and jump into lunge with other leg)
spades= squat front kick
clubs= frog jump (squat and touch ground then jump up in air)

All done! Now it is time for abs...

Hold each pose for 30 seconds and do 2 sets:
superman (on tummy arms and legs up off the ground)
banana/boat (opposite of superman, arms and legs 6-10 inches off the ground)
6 inch hold (just legs off the ground)
right plank
left plank

Good job! Now go be sore for a couple of day!! Woo Hoo.

Can you feel yourself getting skinnier? I can see results in my arms. I think I need to work my butt more though.

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Kari Sanchez said...

Thank you so much for posting! I haven't did anything since Thursday night- I started getting sick and got some antibiotic on Friday...feeling better now, but still coughing a little bit. I got up this morning and walked/jogged 2.5 miles and feel a little better. I have lost 2 inches around the waist so far! YAY! I think I will go back a few days and start over from there.