Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Class

Yesterday, Rusty and I went to the baby class that our Doctor's office provides. I had an idea of what we had in store. But whoa! We were lucky enough to watch 3 different women give birth! (via video, not live-thankfully!!) Though it was a little weird to watch, it was very informative.

At one point, we were going over relaxation techniques. It was quite nice because I got a hip massage and leg massage from my man. I didn't know how tense I was until that moment. Now I would do anything to be able to get a full body massage!! The best part was when the nurse had all the couples get down on all fours and stretch like a cat. It felt great, but it was comical to see all these large prego women along with their macho men down on the floor! (I with I could have snapped a picture!)

We also learned the routine for checking in, when the time comes, and toured the hospital rooms that I will be spending many hours/days in. I was very pleasantly surprised with how nice the rooms are. All around it was a great day of learning, laughing and bonding for the two of us.

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