Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Well, yesterday was chock full of excitement! We got up early so we could go to the 7:45 am service at church. We decided that would be wise so I wouldn't over heat in the crowded later services. We decided that Easter Sunday would be the perfect day to join our church. We have been attending there for over a year now, but have not been courageous enough to join.

We then went home and built, cleaned, hung and put away all of Abigayl's loot from the baby shower on Saturday (post coming soon... when I get pictures!).

Rusty had fun building her toys!

And her bouncy seat

I put all of her new bedding on the crib... I love it!!

We then went to Grandma's house for Easter lunch. We enjoyed a little poker, food and desserts!! Plus, we got to see a bunch of family.

Not only was it Easter Sunday, but it was also Patty's birthday. So, we enjoyed a little yummy cake along with all of the other desserts!
It was a fun but very exhausting day.... well, make that weekend!!

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