Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Camera!!

It has been a pretty wet but fairly exciting weekend! Rusty won some money this weekend. So, he gave us each a little for spending money! I chose to spend mine on a new camera and he spent his on a surround sound speaker system.

It was win, win for both of us!

This is my new camera (I used it to take a picture of the box!)

Can you tell I'm happy?! I have wanting a new one for a little while. I'm not much of a photographer so I just need a simple one that takes clear pictures. I'm so happy to be done with my 4 mega pixel camera and upgrading to a 10 mega pixel! Plus, it has smile recognition. So it waits until there is a smile before it automatically takes the picture. I LOVE it so far!

This is Rusty's new toy. He bought a surround sound system. I can't wait to hear it!! It sounded great in the store so I'm sure it will be FANTASTIC!

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