Thursday, May 21, 2009

A new use for the fountain!!

Yesterday was a fairly warm day, so I spent the later part of the afternoon mowing the front half of the yard and getting a little bit of a sun burn. Oops! (But, kinda yay for some color!?)

When Rusty came home from work he detached the dog pin fence so I could get back there to mow. Well, the dogs were pretty excited to explore all the new things that have gone on. There were two new flower beds and LOTS of trees to see/smell (and do other things that I won't mention!)

But the best new discovery, was the new pond and waterfall! It was a place to get a fresh drink of water!

After we saw him do this, Rusty said "he sure would love a swimming pool". Then, at the end of the evening Rusty noticed that the waterfall was a little slower and pulled out the pump to find Chance hair clogging it. I don't think Chance would be allowed in the pool!