Monday, May 18, 2009

Our birthday present to Abigayl...

We created a memorial garden for Abigayl after her funeral. The garden stared with just mums, as seen here, with bulbs under the mums ready for spring. Well, I didn't realize that mums come back up in the spring and bloom in the fall. So, we were left with quite a mess with the bulbs popping up under the mum plants. Plus, we had A LOT of rain over the past few weeks and the ground wasn't very level so it pooled up in the garden.

This weekend we re-worked Abigayl's whole garden to make it worthy of our beautiful angel. We raised the bed for better drainage and organized the plants we already had and brought in a bunch of new plants. Now, it is teeming with color and good smells!

This is what her garden looked like before any work. I weeded out the garden and noticed that some of the mum plants were getting pretty yucky (probably from drowning in all of the rain we have had)

The new flowers we bought... ready for the ground

All weeded and trying to figure out how to arrange the flowers

Rusty is working the sides because we put in a new border

Digging up the mum plants because they get a new home in the bed

Our finished work. This is what it looks like when your walking up on it.

From an angle. Carnations are the border flowers with knock out rose bushes in the corners. Mums now line the back of the bed with impatiens and fides kalanchoe to fill in the garden.

Hard work but well worth it.

Now she has her own little spot in the yard that is so perfect.

Rusty smoothed out the dirt last night after I took pictures so I took one this morning to show it complete with no dirt!


AustinFamily said...

I love the memorial garden. What a beautiful way to honor Abigayl! It looks wonderful!

Jamie Jo said...

Thank you for being so real on your blog even though I'm sure it is hard to be transparent.

oktoak said...

It's beautiful honey! I can't wait to actually see it next month. I can't wait to see my girl!