Friday, December 2, 2011

Fair Fun

It looks as though I never posted the pictures from our state fair this year. Well, it may be 3 months late but here we go!
 Before ever having kids, the petting zoo was the highlight of my fair trip. Now that we have kids, it is still pretty high up there but I sure don't get the opportunity to do much petting! I am far to busy chasing.
 Rowynn really enjoyed getting to see all the different animals but he was pretty partial to the....
 I think it may have been for the fact that the emu stayed right there in the corner and Rowynn could actually reach out and "pet" the giant bird.

 After our adventure at the petting zoo, we headed to a building I had never been in. It was a building full of kid activities. Inside and out of the heat! Score.

His first activity was playing on all the toys with wheels. He had a blast but I had to keep from having a heart attack every time the little girl perched on the scooter that looks like Rowynn's would zoom to close. See the lady in pink? The one on the cell phone? Well, that was her mom. It wasn't until I flashed a couple of dirty looks at the little girl that she finally reigned her in, a little.
 Next up was the GIANT sand pit. Rowynn's reaction when he first stuck his bare feet in the sand, priceless. It was like he stepped in doggy mess! After some time of being shoeless together, he eased up and started playing.
 He preferred sitting for a while but I think watching all of the other kids play really helped encourage him to move around.

Of course, playing and petting animals weren't our only activities. There was lots of eating to do! Rowynn had some chocolate chip cookies (mine are way better) and Rusty and I didn't eat as much as we usually do at the fair. 

I was on a "30 days no sugar" thing but I splurged that day to eat a DELICIOUS caramel apple! It is worth the calories every time. There is one specific cart we go to every year. The caramel is soft and the apples are set in sugar to keep them from sticking to the paper liner. YUM!!!

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