Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dinner Adventure

First I want to start out by telling you that the whole week yesterday was a true test of my patience. Brennyn, who is typically a baby that doesn't cry, wanted me to hold him all day and cried a lot. Where Rowynn was just super fussy (pretty normal), didn't want to play by himself and wanted to drag me all over the house.

Rusty called me on his way home to see if I wanted to try to take the kids out to dinner. Yay! I get to change out of my mommy sweats and actually look like a real woman. I spring at the chance.

I put Brennyn in his swing while I went to make myself decent. I had to listen to Brennyn cry for 10 minutes before he put himself to sleep and I think my blood pressure was through the roof the entire time. For those of you with kids, you know how hard it is to hear your baby cry. I knew he was super tired though and I wanted him to have a couple of minutes of sleep before we headed out. Whew, one kid was taken care of for the moment.

Rowynn on the other hand joined me in the bathroom while I beautified my face. This kid will not stay out of my make-up case! I push it to the back of the counter and he just stands on his tippy toes to reach. I tell him no touch and he tests me. While putting on my mascara I hear a bunch of stuff hit the floor. Thankfully he didn't break one of my eye shadows again but by the look of it, he broke an eyeliner. AAHHAAHH!!

Nope not broken. Whew. I hate having to spend unnecessary money.

We load up and head to Cracker Barrel. We walk in to a line 10 people deep and are unsure whether it's to put a name on the list or just to be sat. We really didn't want to wait in a line for 10 minutes just to find out there was a 30 minute wait so we headed back out.

Rusty suggested we head down to Tulsa to have Famous Dave's. They are our trusty standby since then never have a wait. After a 25 minute drive we pull in to a packed parking lot. Unload, once again, to find out they have a 35 minute wait! What? Are you serious? I just want some food in my belly.

Next up on the suggestion list was a to go order from The Cheesecake Factory. After a quick run inside to grab a menu, I accidentally hit on the poor guy behind the counter. I asked "Can I get your number? Well, this number. Sorry, didn't mean to hit on you! My husband sure wouldn't like that!!"

We call in the order, after a 8 minutes on hold, which actually I had started to walk into the restaurant when she came back on the line. Seeing that it was a 20 minute wait for the food, we headed over to get some Baskin Robbins. We thought rewarding Rowynn for sitting in the car for almost two hours with almost no complaint was in order. Plus, we thought 20 minutes of just sitting in a car with it not going anywhere wouldn't have worked out well!

After almost two hours out trying to snag some dinner we were joyfully on our way back home. Eating way to much bread. Truthfully, after a cake bite from Baskin Robbins, the 4 pieces of bread in the car and the half of a Tex Mex egg roll on the way home, I only took 4 bites of my chicken Marsala. My cheesecake went in the fridge untouched.

It may be cheesecake for breakfast and at least I have lunch for tomorrow, with no drama to get it!!

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