Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8 Months

Yesterday was the 5th of October and that means that Rowynn turned 8 MONTHS OLD! My baby is getting closer to being a toddler. Oh my goodness!
 Rowynn is doing okay with his solids. He prefers to just take a few bites and then play with the spoon. So, I have been giving him half masticated chunks of my food. He has now had french fries, sweet potato fries and pizza. I'm sure people around me might think it is gross for me to chew my food then take some out to give to him but I'm just not ready for the choking thing.
As for his mobility, he is CRAWLING like a mad man! He now has full ability to roam our house whenever he pleases. And, he is FAST. If I put him in the living room and then go to another room, he is not far behind.

Also, he likes to go up in the push-up stance but with his cute, little booty in the air. And he is also contemplating the whole pulling up thing. He likes to put his hands up on things while on his knees. It is the whole pulling up and standing thing he hasn't quite tried or conquered.

Oh yeah... he also can sit up on his own now. It is so crazy because it is like it happened over night. One day he couldn't quite get it and the next it became a part of his life!

I think that is all of Rowynn's new milestones in a nutshell!

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Bearbie said...

That is very cute how Rowynn sleep, Ivan still sleep like until these day :).