Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Super Sunday

 Sunday was jam packed with lots of activities that helped to wear out the littlest stamper. While Rusty went to play his weekly flag football game, I headed to the fair (again!) with my friend and her family.

You can just call me tag-along. It is what I do best. Especially with her family! I think I have hung out with them, solo, many times. Thankfully they still take me places with them.
 At the fair we finally got to get into the petting zoo area. Rowynn loves to laugh at all the animals. I'm pretty excited that he seems to be on the animal loving path just like his mama.

After much browsing and the consumption of, yet another, caramel apple (plus the mini fudge newburg) all within the span of 4 hours, it was time to head home.

Thankfully I got home just in time to start getting ready for a wedding. Plus, Rowynn had to look spiffy for such a fun occasion. I must admit, I was a little nervous having him at a wedding. Especially after the LONG day at the fair.

I'm happy to report that he slept through most of the ceremony and there was no fussing going on.
 After snapping a few photos, eating AMAZING food and watching the lovely couple dance. We had to head out. I was sad to miss the cake cutting and maybe a little boogie on the dance floor with my two handsome men.
 Lovin' his "deer in headlights" look!
 There we go, that's better! Except for the untied shoelace. What kind of mother lets her son run around with untied shoes? Gees.
We had a very FULL weekend but every minute of it was an absolute blast. I am one very lucky lady.


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