Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pros and Cons

I am absolutely loving watching Rowynn be mobile and independent. I no longer have to hang out and "entertain" him constantly since he now crawls to the toy he desires and can drool on everything! Those tiny little hands get EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe in our house anymore.

This leads me to the hard part of having a mobile baby. Rowynn's latest trick is getting into cabinets and drawers. Since learning this one, there have been fingers shut in the drawer, things falling out of cabinets, lids pulled out of drawers and cabinets.

I thought toys all over the floors was frustrating! Now my kitchen has become the new playroom and his toys are sometimes obsolete.

Today was a bad bonk. He must have pulled up on the elliptical machine because all I heard was a cry and there was a little bruise line on his forehead. Poor little guy.  Thankfully I didn't freak out like I did last Friday. I'm not sure our pocketbook could handle that!

The bumps and bruises part of childhood have now begun. I guess it time to have the acetaminophen and hugs on hand for what is to come!


Bearbie said...

For us Asian, we said baby got more bruises and bumps are grow faster :). I think this is the words that we use to comfort us so we don't feel too bad :).

He is just so cute, that is what Kaitlyn and Ivan always said. The kids love his two bottom teeth, he is a happy baby and always smile :).


CampbellsLove said...

Trust me, it doesn't stop anytime soon. We still get bumps and bruises daily! It's their way of learning. As for the kitchen thing, I've just given her the 2 bottom drawers, and one designated door where it's all safe things to play with while I'm cooking. Like all my plastic bowls and such. SO while it is ONE more area of the house to have to keep up with, it's something we have just gotten used to! He is full blown in to discovery mode!! So much fun.