Friday, October 15, 2010

This and That

 Poor Rowynn seems to be getting two of his upper teeth and he isn't pleased about it. I had ladies Bible study at my church yesterday and they had to get me out early because he was NOT happy. It seemed to be the trend for most of the day but there were a few smiles here and there...
 It's a half smile. Right?! 
Side note:Look how grown up he looks in that track outfit! Yikes.
 Cuddling with mommy. It is rare so I had to get a picture. Mind you, cuddling means leaning back on my chest while we watch TV or chew on a toy.
 And let the fun begin! Rowynn pulled open the lid drawer this morning and decided to play with some of the lids. Oh boy. Like ALL of his toys aren't enough to keep up with. It takes me 10 minutes just to pick up his toys so the Roomba can vacuum.
It is fun to watch him "drink" from his sippy cup. He rarely gets it right but I guess that is part of learning. Typically he drinks it with the cup turned the wrong way but I think some how he gets it to work! Otherwise he likes to chew on the handles or the bottom of the cup. Silly boy! But oh how I love him.

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