Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Living in Oklahoma, our "fall" is more like spring. I guess I won't complain but I am just ready for sweaters and to ditch my tank tops.

Yesterday we took advantage of our beautiful weather and went and "played" in the front yard. Seeing that my son does not like grass, it meant a lot of trying to stay on the sheet that I laid down.
Do you see his poor rash? Don't lie to me. I know you can see it. What about those two teeth?! I love it. He's like a bunny rabbit. Well, a bunny rabbit with teeth on the bottom. (he has two teeth on the top poking through the skin!)
This is Rowynn's favorite pass time, crawl over mommy! I think he likes to see what all he can get over. He crawls over my legs, back, tummy and even my side! He is crazy. I love every ounce of this child!

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Bearbie said...

Yes, my kids the same things doesn't like the grass, and sand. It's take them a while to get use to that. :)