Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun, Fun and More Fun

After our short stay in Eureka Springs, the real fun began! We headed to Branson where we spent the remainder or our weekend. Most of which was spent at Silver Dollar City. I LOVE Silver Dollar City. I love the food. I love the super friendly people that work there. I love the food. I love the fun rides. I love the hilly, tree filled walkways. I love the food. I love the little shops with all of the handmade tickets. I LOVE THE FOOD! If you ever want to hit up an amusement park with great food, Silver Dollar City is your park! Maybe this love of food is the reason I have 20 pounds I'd like to lose!
 I think our rolly-polly is loving being out doors and out of his car seat!

After a few hours of SDC time we checked in to our hotel and headed off to shop the outlets. Funny thing about that, I remember when all the shopping was for Rusty and I; this time around I didn't get one thing and Rowynn made out like a bandit!!
Our second day at SDC was a little bit on the cooler side. I believe that fall has finally arrived!! Yay, I have been waiting all summer for this. We also found that SDC has put in a small petting zoo. I made a b-line for the donkey! As you can tell by Rowynn's face, he liked the donkey too!
This sweet donkey licked my hand for ~10 minutes! I fell in love with this donkey and wanted to bring him home. I don't think the people at SDC would have been to thrilled with that idea, darn it.
Before heading out, we decided to take a few fall photos in front of the lovely set-ups they had all around.

We left SDC just in time to make it to our room for the OU/Texas game and a nap for Rowynn. I would have LOVED a nap but it just wasn't in the cards. The elephants above us saw to it that there was no nap for the mommy!
We then headed back out for a little more shopping, a mirror maze and some miniature golf. All of which was an absolute blast!
Heading into the mirror maze!
 Rowynn did so good in the mirror maze. He only cried once or twice and it was because a witch lit up within one of the mirrors and was loud. Other than that, he did GREAT!
 We even went through twice. The first time we went in circles and ended up in the same spots probably 6 times! The second time it only took one pass.

 Our favorite miniature golf course has a train that takes you up to the starting hole. It was fun to take Rowynn back to this place. He went when he was 4 months old but he slept through the WHOLE thing.
 Not this time!
 He was WIDE awake.
 There were times where I let him get down on the "grass" and crawl around.
He even went over the bumps on this hole!

Although the 30th of September represents the most painful day of our year, it was nice to take a painful day and fill it with love and memories. We had a wonderful family vacation and we are enjoying watching Abigayl's little brother hit all the milestones we couldn't wait to see her hit. It makes them twice as exciting! We cherish our memories of Abigayl and we really enjoy seeing Abigayl shine through Rowynn. God gave us a beautiful gift when he allowed us to see Abi in Rowynn.

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