Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Proof

Let the baby proofing begin!! After a few bumps and bruises, we felt it was high time to make this house work of all of us!
 Here is a prime example of why we needed baby proofing....
 ta da, Rowynn caught red handed!
 Bwaahahaha.... no more cabinet raids for you, little man!!
Then he showed me that I was the fool because he found a new toy to play with and this toy was even MORE dangerous than a measly cabinet.
 Hmmm.. I wonder if this poky thing hurts?!
 I'm so cute. You know you can't get on to me! Who has the last laugh now, sucka!!
Ya, I'm talking to you! You heard me, sucka!

Excuse me while I go show my son who is boss in this house.


I win!

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