Monday, October 11, 2010

Fair-ly Good Weekend

 Actually, it was a GREAT weekend filled with lots of activities. One of which was the Tulsa State Fair. Rowynn and I got to go twice!

Poor Rowynn didn't get to try any fair food this year but he did get to see lots of animals! Since the line to get into the petting zoo was a mile long, we settled for the bunnies and birthing center.
 He liked the bunnies. They made him giggle and smile just by moving. Could a kid get any easier to please?! I think not. I know, he's perfect! He does come from me though so what else could you expect? Oh yeah, he is part Rusty so I guess Rowynn's perfection could have come from him. On second thought... it's all me!
 Oh my goodness, the cutest baby goats I ever did see. While standing there letting Rowynn laugh and the beautiful, sweet goats, I whispered a promise in his ear, "I promise you will have a goat". I can't break my promise so I guess Rusty better get back in that field and put up some sort of fence to keep the goats from going into the back neighbors pasture. Until then, we will wait for the dogs to leave this earth so we can put the goats, chickens, sheep, geese and what other animals I can talk my husband into in the "dog" area.

Other than checking out all the CUTE animals, we did get our eat on! Don't judge. We both LOVE food almost as much as we love each other. Sometimes we may love food more! Not often though.

I'm rambling. Sorry.

As for the food. Between the two of us the food consumed: 1 gyro, 1 order of fried green tomatoes (way to salty this year, blek), 1 corn dog, 1 fried cheese on a stick and 4... four...FOUR caramel apples!! You read that right, I said four. We are little piggies and I know that. But in our defense, the fair only comes once a year!

I told you not to judge. STOP JUDGING!

Also in our defense, we walked the fair for three hours. That had to have burned off at least half of a caramel apple.
 Seeing that Rowynn didn't sleep at all the entire time we were there, he crashed on the bus ride back to the parking area. He didn't even wake up while being buckled into his seat. I know he is tired when he doesn't fight the carrier.
 I guess the gentle swaying of the bumpy Tulsa roads just put him out.
 Even with mommies sunglasses in hand.
It was a GREAT day.

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