Sunday, August 9, 2009

The rest of the trip.... in a nutshell

So in my last posts, you've seen how I spent 5 days out of the 16 I was gone. Those were the events that I remembered to take my camera.

Before flying to Alaska, I had an over night layover in Seattle to visit my friend Erin. While I was there she and Bryne, her boyfriend, took me back to Brown Bag Cafe (which I wrote about here). This time I stayed away from the cinnamon roll french toast because I knew it wouldn't hold me over with it being all carbs. So, I opted for an omelet and a side of corn beef and hash. It was very good and very filling. For the rest of the day, we walked around the mall and just hung out, it was nice not feeling like we had to cram a bunch of stuff into one day.

Erin is so sweet and took me to the airport nice and early for my 6 am flight!

In Alaska, mom and I walked the coastal trail 3 times while I was there. The distance varied from 1.5-3 miles each day depending on how I was feeling. We also swung into Nordstrom for a browse and a jean hem.

We headed down to the Saturday market for some killer shrimp and I finally talked them into giving me the gist of the recipe. Now, I just have to try it at home until I get it "perfect". Once I do, maybe I will share with you!

There was a lot of playing with the kids and we even walked them down to a park to let them play for a while. One night, Darrin and Rachelle took us all out to eat at a REALLY good Chinese buffet. The food was AMAZING! I told Darrin I had been craving Chinese and boy did he deliver!

All-in-all I really had some great family time while I was there. It is the most time I have spent with Darrin in a long time. It was nice to get to hang out with him and the family.

Then, it was back to Seattle for some more Eri time! Erin picked me up and we headed to Taco Time for some yummy crispy burritos... SO good! We took our lunch down to the Kirkland water front and had a little picnic by the lake. After that we took a walk and reminisced about high school. We spent many summers laying on the docks in Kirkland. Lake Washington and the Kirkland area are so beautiful. Before leaving Kirkland we went to her dad's to say hello and visit. It is always so nice to see her parents. I practically lived there when I was in high school... I'm glad they put up with me then and I'm glad they still are willing to see me now!

That evening Bryne and Erin treated me to a Mariner's game. Let me tell you about the greatest seats I have ever sat in. We were 4 rows from the field, on the first base line and 40 feet from all of the Mariner players in the dugout! AMAZING! What a day to forget to grab my camera... I was not a happy camper. It was a blast though.

My last day of travels (or so I thought) ended with lunch with Joyce (Erin's mom) before Joyce took me to the airport. It was such a nice time getting to visit with Joyce. She has always been like a second mom to me. My trip was made perfect getting to see all of my family and all of my second family, all in one trip!

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