Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4-Wheeling in Knik

When Rusty and I were in Alaska 2 years ago my brother took us 4-wheeling in Eureka and it was one of the most fun things I have EVER done. Since I was finally back in the summer my brother said he knew of a place that was not very bumpy but had plenty of water puddles to ride through.

Off we went for a one day 4-wheeling adventure with the whole family. We went to Knik, which was only a 45 minute drive from Anchorage. Thankfully the weather in Knik was far better than Anchorage! We drove out of rain and into sunshine!

The kids are ready for a fun ride!

Jaycob went with my mom

Josh went with his mom and dad
Jordan went with me

What was crazy about this time is having a kid with a big helmet on! Every time we went over a slight bump my chin and Jordan's helmet would have a little meeting. There were a few times I stood up to give my chin a break and to avoid a bruise!

I'm a chicken so it took me a minute to get through this one!

I was afraid I was going to topple over with Jordan on there... sounds like a bad aunt to me!

After making our way through some paths we headed down to the water. It is SO much fun to drive through big puddles/rivers and get wet or muddy.

There is my mom headed through!

My turn!!

Once we got down to the beach, it was crazy to look across and see a glacier! Darrin said that you can ride to the glacier but it was 3 hours one way. Once you get there though, you can actually walk on it. Maybe next time!

A close up of the glacier

Back to the puddles

The kids and I took a break from riding and played on the beach. Jaycob really enjoyed climbing to the top of the hill.

Josh watching Rachelle, Darrin and my mom ride around on the beach.

Jordan got right down into the sand. She liked scooping it around and digging in it.

My mom, Rachelle and Darrin getting ready to go play on their own.
It is amazing to sit on a beach and look out to a glacier... Alaska is so beautiful.

Jake has his own 4-wheeler and after some coercion from his dad he took it for a spin.

He went down to the tree and came back to us. He did GREAT!
While at the RV we grabbed some lunch before heading out for a little while longer. It was fun to explore the different trails that people had left. There were a few times that we hit a dead end and had to turn around. It is really neat to go out and just explore.

Back to the beach we went... it is just to pretty to pass up!

And through a mud puddle that was a little deeper than I had originally thought!

But, we made it to the other side with no problems and a smile on the face!

Here is one of the dead ends... it dead ended at the river with a great view of the glacier.
Here is the whole family after a really fun and dirty day of 4-wheeling.

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