Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yay for a HEALTHY baby!

Here is our little bundle of joy! The doctor says the baby looks great and the heartbeat is a healthy 167 bpm. Our ultrasound tech let us watch the baby for a little while and it was so fun to watch the little one bounce and flip around. This is a very active baby and I can't wait until I can feel him/her move around!

I almost didn't think I was going to make it to my appointment on Wednesday. I was flying from Seattle on Tuesday and was supposed to get in late Tuesday evening. Well, I got to the airport and I was informed that a bird had hit the aircraft and it was not scheduled to leave until 9 pm (it was supposed to leave at 4:27 pm) meaning I would miss my connecting flight in Denver.
So, the agent sent me to American where I would fly to Dallas and not get to leave until 11:30 am (meaning I would still miss my 8:45 am appointment) unless I was able to fly standby on the 6:30 am flight. After some discussion with Rusty we decided that staying the night in the airport would be neither comfortable or safe so my VERY sweet husband booked me hotel while I was flying to Dallas.
When I arrived to Dallas I went to the agent at my gate and asked about getting on the standby list. The wonderful man went ahead and put me on the list and gave my the ticket I would need to get through security. Seeing that my bag was checked all the way through to Tulsa, there was no need to stop at baggage claim before heading off to a courtesy phone to hitch a ride to the hotel. By 12 am I was in my big, comfy room and by 1 am I was resting my head on the pillow trying to get to sleep.
The alarm woke me up at 4 am, since I was told to be at the airport 90 minutes in advance, and I began to get ready. Knowing that if I was unable to fly standby I could return to my room for more sleep I headed back to the airport where I sat in the terminal by myself until 5:45 am. That's right... I don't think that the ticket counter even opened until 5:30 am and there I was at the airport early when I could have had an extra hour of sleep.
What was very frustrating was that there were no agents at the gate until 6:15am for a 6:30 am departing flight! I noticed that the monitor flashed the names of those wanting to fly standby and my name was #5 on that list. At that moment I asked God to work a miracle so I could see my baby and make sure all my travels didn't upset the poor little thing.
A miracle was worked that morning. The first name on the list was called and nobody showed up, #2 called and up to the counter he went, #3 was called and nobody came. Then #4 was called and nobody went and then they called me! But, at the moment when they called my name #4 walked up with her lovely son and I cringed thinking that would push me out but no... they took my license and off I went to the great state of Oklahoma to have my ultrasound!!
Rusty and I arrived a little early to the appointment but we were so excited to see the progress of our little blessing. As soon as we had our little on in our sights it was relief for both of us. Knowing that we have a healthy baby is another answer to our prayers. As much pain as we have been through in the last year we both know that God is going to answer our prayers and always do what is best for us.
We thank God everyday that he blessed us with this child and our beautiful Abigayl. We look forward to meeting this little guy or girl. I can't wait to introduce him/her to the rest of you.

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AustinFamily said...

I'm so happy that baby Stamper is growing and healthy! Such a miracle inside your tummy. : ) God is so good. Great to have you back on Oklahoma soil! Lunch soon?
(How many weeks are you now? Like 12?) Gimme a call or text soon.