Friday, August 21, 2009


Last Sunday (I know... I'm a bit late!), Rusty and I went to the wedding of Matt and Chelsea at a beautiful ranch in Sperry. I would have never known this beautiful place existed... but it was a great place for a country wedding.

Matt and Rusty lived down the street from each other while growing up and Rusty and Matt worked to together for a while. It was really great to get to watch him get married to such a beautiful girl.

I always love weddings. The love. The food. The decorations. The cake. Just such a happy place to be.

Speaking of food, I was quite hungry when we arrived but knew I could make it through the ceremony. Once the beautiful ceremony was over, Rusty encouraged me to go get some food before the line got to long. Well, I am quite shy when it comes to dishing up in front of a bunch of strangers. Rusty went up with me so I could get some food in the belly (I think he was more concerned with not starving the little baby growing in the belly!). I have to tell you all (once again) how wonderful my husband truly is, I was finished with my first plate of food but didn't feel very satisfied; My husband went up and got me another plate! But, I still wasn't full. So, the brave man he is, went up and got is ever growing wife another plate!! All because I was to shy to go up and do it myself.

Matt and Chelsea

That little girl standing there with them is SO adorable. She was the flower girl and instead of dropping the flower petals, she through them up over her head so they would rain down on her before settling on the floor. And, she was standing there because she was ready for her slice of chocolate cake!

I love the cake topper. It was a brown/rust horse shoe and a bejeweled horse shoe! How cute is that?

We have had a lot of rain in the last few days and this is what I spotted one morning while there was a break in the showers.

The neat thing is, Rusty saw one the other day when he was close to the cemetery and he went to visit Abigayl. Then I got to see one the very next day.

God is good.

I spotted a big bird out on our brush pile yesterday and used my zoom to see it as close as possible. I think it is a hawk but I don't really know my birds that well.
(you may need to click to enlarge)

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