Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 5- hometown and the casino

On day 5 we went to return our rental car. I had a bone to pick because the car was filthy when they gave it to us. I think it was returned and then turned around and rented to us with no thought to the way it looked. So, instead of taking days off our ticket they gave us a couple more days with it for free.

It worked out because then we didn't have to put miles on Erin's car or use her gas. So, we set off for some breakfast. Erin took us to the Brown Bag Cafe in Kirkland. Oh My Goodness.... Rusty and I both had their cinnamon roll french toast... I was speechless it was so good! They took one of their HUGE cinnamon rolls and cut it in half (frosted cinnamon roll!) then made french toast out of it! AMAZING!!!! If you are any where near Kirkland... even an hour away, it is SO worth the drive.
Next, we were off to show Rusty where I went to school and lived. We went to Kirkland (my high school is there and so is one of the places we lived) and we went to Redmond (where I use to go to the mall and also where I lived. The house is still there that I lived in).

This is Erin and I at Redmond Town Center. It is an out door mall in Rainy Washington!

Yeah.... Erin!!!!

Yeah... my husband!!!

Bryne and Erin... we are getting ready to go into the casino in Tulalip.(pronounced to-lay-lip not tula-lip like I had thought!) She is excited to play the slots!
Erin and I have been friends for 10-12 years! You could say we're close :)

So, we walk up on this totem pole in the lobby of the hotel and Bryne leans over to Erin and says, "Look Erin it's excited to see you". I bust up laughing and he says, "you heard that?" He thought he whispered it to Erin. Not so much. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it though!
So none of us did well at the casino but it was still fun to play for a little while. Their slot machines are different then ours because they are all video reels and most of the machines are penny and nickle. Good times though!
Day 6 tomorrow.....

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