Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 7- Seattle (ready for another long one?)

Let me first warn you (again), this is another long one! I know.. I know, I went a little picture crazy while away. But, we had SO much fun!!

We went to Seattle on day 7 and did a lot of the touristy things.

We began with breakfast at Beth's. It has been on TV for their humongous omelets. Your choice of a 6 egg or a 12 egg! That's it. Rusty was going to get the 12 egg so he could have his picture taken with it but then decided it would be a waste of food. I think now he wishes he would have done it. If you are a food network or travel channel watcher, you may recognize this place/name. What we found out though is that they do NOT give away a free t-shirt or give you the omelet for free if you finish it. That was just for TV! In fact, our server told us their was a gentleman that not only finished the omelet but also 3 orders of hash browns (they are all you can eat) and his toast!
On the monorail headed for Seattle Center (where the Space needle is located)

Oh... did I mention that the weather was AMAZING? I think it got up into the mid-70's that day!
Rusty has sensitive eyes... and we were facing the sun

Erin and I have known each other since 9th grade! In fact, I only lived near her for 2 1/2 years and then we moved to the East coast. The rest of the time our friendship has been long distance. But, we manage to stay best friends... no matter the distance or the time!

Oh yeah... we also crack each other up BIG time. The majority of the time spent together is spent laughing! I mean the laugh where you laugh so hard it is silent... just a whoosh of air! My abs were hurting the whole time I was there because I would laugh so hard all day.

The two happy couples!

I love this fountain! If we weren't going to lunch in the Space needle in just a few minutes I would have played in the water! It was hot!
It sprayed pretty high.... and then.......

With a bang it did this and made the best sound when it hit the metal structure.

The Science Center.... I love the architecture of things in Seattle.

There she is! Beautiful.

Now we are inside of the Space needle... getting ready to eat.

This is the view from our table (every 40+ minutes). It was so clear the whole time we were there that we saw Mt. Rainer every day!

Beautiful view!! I meant Seattle silly... not me! ;)

I'm glad Erin found such a nice guy... I really enjoyed my time with both of them

The food was gross but I think it is because I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu. If I were ever to go again, I would order what I wanted and ignored the price.

I learned one thing from these photos... that shirt is NOT flattering! No, I'm not pregnant... yet!
On the observation deck.... it is pretty up there!
Mt. Rainer again!

Rusty almost blocked it but it snuck in the picture again!!

After lunch, we headed for Pike's Place. I just love the view coming down to it! What is absolutely amazing is the flowers you can buy at the market. They had big, beautiful bouquets for only $10-$15... they would be $50-$60 in Oklahoma!
Next up was the fish market.... where we met the monk fish.

This thing was attached to a string (yes, it is a real fish) and when people would get down to look at it closer... they would pull the string. It was amazing to see how much people would jump or scream!

After the market we ducked into Nordstrom Rack and shopped a little. Then it was off to my pseudo-parents house for dinner. Before dinner is when Joyce gave us the quilt. It was a really special night.
This is Joyce, Ken, Erin and Bryne. It was so great being back in that house. I spent A LOT of time in that house. Erin and I would lay in her bunk bed and just read magazines, giggle or play rummy. Good times! I sure do love my Washington family!

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