Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 3- Smith Rock Hike

On day 3, Rusty, Christyn (my cousin), Mason (my cousin) and I all went hiking at Smith Rock. It had to has to be the hardest hike I have EVER taken. For one thing, I am REALLY afraid of heights and this hike was straight up a rocky mountain. And to make things worse, the trail was gravel so my feet would slide on the rocks. Every time it happened my heart skipped a beat.

But, I did it and I am proud. It was the first and last time I will hike Smith Rock. I'm glad I did something that adventurous but happy to have my feet securely planted on the ground (with no gravel declines or inclines!)

To hike the rock you first have to go down to the trail and start hiking up it.

Resting after our first climb

That is where we parked

From the parking lot we walked down to the river, over the bridge and then started back up Smith Rock

The rocks in Oregon are so beautiful

The top of Smith Rock. Rusty took this picture from a large over hang that I didn't want to go up. My palms are sweating now just thinking of it!

I don't know. Rusty took the picture.

That is Mason, Christyn and Domino. We are sitting on the large rock I didn't want to go on. That was the highest I would go (and it wasn't very far!) It was pretty amazing though.. from this rock you could see Mt. Hood.

The trail we hiked... it is a LONG way down!

After patiently waiting for someone to be able to take our picture... Mason took charge and asked and older gentleman to do it. He seemed a bit tuckered out from the climb up but was happy to oblige.

I think the mountains behind me are Three Sisters. Isn't it beautiful? I should have taken a picture of all the mountains you could see from this spot. There were 5-6!!

Trying to get us and the mountains... but you only get us.

Happy to finally be hanging out with my cousins. It had been 10 years since I had seen Mason and Zach.

After the big hike we had a pizza dinner with everyone at Christyn and Ben's house

The whole gang finally together again. Hopefully it won't be so long next time.

I didn't take many photos of the decline because I was too busy sliding down it on my bum. I was so scared that I was going to slip and fall off the side that I thought it better to take the wimpy way down. It was de ja vu for the cousins because that is how they have seen me get down ski hills!
Day 4 tomorrow....

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oktoak said...

I love the de javu comment. It brings back so MANY memories of our failed attempts to make a skier out of you. So..... hiking Flat Top won't be on the top of the agenda for an Alaska trip? HaHa! I love you, scaredy cat!