Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hole in my calf....

I went to the dermatologist today because one year ago my doctor found and removed an abnormal mole. He then told me I needed to see a dermatologist to get the rest of my moles checked out. So, I spent a little of my afternoon at the dermatologist office getting checked. She then told me I had one that she wanted to send for biopsy (no worries it just looked suspicious and is probably nothing worrisome just like the other one).

She proceeded to stick me with a little numbing medicine (which BURNED) and then said that she would use a tool that looked like a small cookie cutter and remove the mole down to the fatty layer (I have plenty of that so that won't be hard to find!!). There was no stitching involved she just packed the hole and laid on a bandage.

The bad news, I can't work out for a week because of the amount of blood flow to the legs when there is strenuous work outs involved. She said it would lead to oozing... yuk! So, I have to put my work out off for a week... I don't think I am going to bikini ready for summer.

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Powers Alaska said...

Ugh. I hate getting moles removed! I can't even count how many times I've been through that.