Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 6- Victoria, BC

Our original plan for going to Victoria was to take a ferry out of Port Angeles. For anyone who knows anything about Twilight, Port Angeles is in the book a few times and Forks is only an hour away. So, Erin and I were pretty excited to go visit the Twilight towns.

Unfortunately, both Erin and I didn't read the driving directions very well seeing that we would have needed to take a ferry to the ferry. Seeing that we were planning to leave in the morning, we didn't have much time to plan that one out. Instead of seeing Port Angeles and Forks, we took the Victoria Clipper straight from Seattle.

We were almost the last group to get to board, so our seats were a little on the crumby side. Erin and I sat in middle seats across from each other and Rusty sat in the row behind me. Rusty and I spent a good amount of time on the way to Victoria standing out on the deck of the boat. It was beautiful to see the mountains and trees. I was really hoping to see a whale but no such luck.

Thankfully Erin and I sat next to a couple who were locals of Victoria; we were able to get the scoop on the REALLY good places to eat that weren't too touristy. Through them we also figured out a few things to do while there. Before we went we had decided as a group not to do Buchard Gardens. I know, I know... it is so beautiful... yadda, yadda, yadda... but we decided that we only had a few hours and a 45 minute drive each way (on a public bus so it may have been longer) plus a $30 entry fee to see some gardens just weren't worth it that day. I promise, next time Rusty and I go back we will stay the night so we have more time and we will go the the gardens.

Boarding the Victoria Clipper (Erin thinks she's a rock star....she kinda looks like she could be in this picture though!)

Checking out our ride

Leaving the Emerald City

Beautiful view

Did I mention we had GORGEOUS weather the WHOLE time we were there?

Those are all house boats... and we are going to eat amongst those house boats very soon!
One of the places the locals told us where to go.... Yummy fish and chips

Barb's Place... delicious! Erin had Haddock fish and chips, Rusty had Halibut fish and chips and I had the Salmon fish and chips. It was SO good.

The locals also told us that there are Seals there that love to be fed... here he comes now for a little lunch

Of course I can't pass up feeding any wild animal (or tame one at that!) I bought a bunch of fish from the gentleman at the fish market (next to Barb's) for only $5

How cool is this? They don't even let you do this at Sea World! (Not with seals any way)

There were only two... and boy were they pigs!

Next up was a carriage ride through the oldest part of Victoria and down by the water. It was beautiful.

It was very romantic. We all three sat together and cuddled!

Such an active town... there are so many people walking and biking. Plus, they all have a green thumb or something because there wasn't one house that we passed that didn't have a gorgeous garden.

Just beautiful!

The legislative building

This is what people's house gardens look like! Can you believe that?

I would love to get to come back and stay here. It was a beautiful, old hotel. They were celebrating there 100th birthday while we were there.

This is Chinatown... we were informed that it is the oldest Chinatown on the West coast.
Johnston St. bridge... Johnston St. is where all the good shopping is located.

This sculpture was in the middle of Bastion Square

Still in love!

Killing time at a pub in Bastion Square. The view was really pretty.
Erin must have had silly juice in her soda... she went all crazy like on us!

Last stop after the pub was picking up dinner for the ride back to Seattle. Once again, we took the advice from the locals we sat next to and went to Red Fish Blue Fish. Red Fish Blue Fish was down on a dock and they served food out of old shipping containers that they made into kitchens and storage. It was Really good and pretty affordable. Erin and I both had fish tacones (rolled up like a cone instead for taco style) and Rusty had fish and chips, again. It was a great meal for the boat ride back.
bye, bye Victoria... I hope to return someday
We ate our lunch and then Rusty and I went out on the back of the boat to watch the sites. I was cold and tired so I went back in and took a nap (as did Erin) while Rusty proceeded to stand out there the whole 2 hour and 45 minutes back to Seattle! Crazy I tell you!

I think I may have annoyed Erin with all of my picture taking... or maybe she's just tired!

And back to beautiful Seattle... Mt. Rainer is bright and shining!
We didn't get to see whales or Buchard Gardens but we did get to walk MILES all over Victoria. It was beautiful and I'm glad I can say I've been there. One day I'd like to go back a stay over night. Maybe in the Empress?! That would be neat.
Day 7 coming up next.... tomorrow that is!

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