Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 4- Oregon Coast to Seattle

Day 4 we loaded up and headed for the Oregon coast. Instead of going over Mt. Hood we went over Hoodoo. There was no snow or ice on Hoodoo, which was great for Rusty's blood pressure as we drove over!

As we were headed to Lincoln City, I saw the 101 sign and told him we should take that instead of going to Lincoln City. After about another 45 minutes in the car (with no view of the ocean) we decided to go into Pacific City. It was a small town but we were able to find beach access. After Pacific City we headed up the "old" 101 so we could continue to see the ocean (Rusty had never seen the Oregon coast). We ended up in Oceanside where we had a fantastic seafood lunch.

Using the Garmin, we headed on route to go back to Seattle. Originally it had us heading to Portland but all of a sudden it changed or route and we were going to stay on back roads. At first we didn't know what to think, but then we heard that there were a couple of bad accidents in Portland and really bad traffic. The Garmin rules!

We stayed on some pretty windy, hilly, back roads but were able to make it to Lynnwood in pretty good time.

Rusty loved the way the trees looked down this road... it is pretty neat.

Hit the road Jack....

First time to have his feet (and eyes) on the Oregon beach... Amazing

Don't you love when you can see up some one's nose?

My favorite thing about Oregon beaches is the rocks that stick up out of the water... Beautiful!

Decided it was a shoes off kind of a walk... the sand was a little cold but not compared to having feet in the water

I love the feeling of sand beneath my feet and between my toes

Magnificent... and the weather was not cold, which is a great day for the Oregon beaches

Hopefully we will be able to go back sometime soon. I forgot how much it feels like home to be in Oregon

Brrr.... a little chilly... but the sand felt warm after a dip in the ocean!

I didn't roll my pants high enough... they got soaked!
Husband and wife feet

Walking in the water

I decided to jump in... clothes and all

Just kidding... I did get wet though but only on my legs

Almost four year and a bumpy road... still in love

Back to our shoes... while walking on the beach we found a few shells and Rusty found a starfish. The starfish was dead so we decided to take it home with us. After we took the rental back, I put it in a plastic bag and put it in our room (at Erin's). Well, that wasn't a good idea because it started to SMELL! It was pretty gross so I put it out on Erin's balcony to dry out and air out. I'll get it the next time I go to Washington... hopefully a few months.

Such a wonderful husband... I am so lucky

It was windy... I think that is why we are both squinty
Our first look at the Seattle skyline... (Rusty's first time ever!)
After our drive we met Erin and Bryne for dinner at a sushi place. The sushi was REALLY good and it was nice to know it was fresh fish! There was a lot of laughing over the next few days! I think we may have drove our men mad by the end!

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