Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Fun

Saturday was filled with many adventures! First, I went with my friends to an "egg drop" here in Owasso. It wasn't the typical "hide the egg" type of a hunt. It was a drop eggs from a helicopter then go pick them up! It was pretty neat to see all those eggs (plastic ones!) falling from the helicopter and to see the looks on the kids faces. It was quite amazing to see how seriously some parents took it though. I think some parents were more determined to get the most eggs than their kids!

Then, we had our friends the Smiths come over for some egg hunting and dinner. It was pretty fun to watch their 3 year old hunt all the eggs practically by himself! His brother, who is almost one, was happy with having just one to chew on! I think we are going to make it an annual egg hunt at our house though and invite more people. It was fun to watch!

Mr. Smith and his wonderful 3 year old, Mr. P

Getting ready to take the four wheeler for a little spin in the back field. At first, Mr. P wasn't to sure of going. Daddy talked him into it though!

Mr. P had to find all the eggs himself. It made for A LOT of walking.

Mr. P checking out his loot. His car couldn't hold it all so we followed him around with a plastic bag!

Mr. Smith and baby C. Baby C was fine with his one egg! He didn't even need to get to the candy that was held inside.

Lots of eggs, which equaled lots of candy! He was happy.
We had so much fun! It was great to watch their kids hunt the eggs. Baby C is two weeks older than Abigayl, so it is always great to watch his reactions to things. Watching him develop lets us have a peek at what it might have been like with our angel. I think God knew what he was doing when He put these dear friends into our lives.
After all the egg hunting, we had some dinner and colored some Easter eggs. Mr. P had fun putting the eggs in the color. We had a great day with lots of activity, it made for a perfect Easter for us.

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