Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came to Visit

While finishing up some travel arrangements at the computer this morning, our bunnies came out to nibble. First the mommy bunny (I didn't get a picture) came right up to the back door and sat on the back porch. She finally hopped down and went under the porch where her sweet baby was hiding.

She must have told him that everything was okay because next thing I know Brownie (the beagle) was whining at the door. I pushed my chair back to find the little one perched on a rock.

Hanging out, maybe waiting for the sun to shine on his rock!

This is brownie's perspective. Through his snotty window. (his nose has to be pressed against the window for him to see things I guess)

Brownie wanted to "play" so badly with the bunny. He doesn't understand why his mommy is so mean to him! (I have to mother something... Brownie is available!)


AustinFamily said...

So cute!!! So, you said travel arrangements, where are ya going???

R and R in Oklahoma said...

Going to Washington and Oregon for a week. We leave on Tuesday! I'm in need of a vacation.